On energy, environment, and regulatory independence

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a live radio debate about whether shale gas threatens our water resources. Afterwards, I was accused of making a personal attack on one of my debate opponents. This disappointed me, because I had intended the attack to be entirely professional.
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South Africa’s schools of witchcraft and wizardry

You wouldn’t be surprised that there are schools of magic in South Africa. After all, someone has to teach would-be astrologers, sangomas and fortune tellers the tricks of the trade. It is more alarming to learn that real universities participate in the charade. Welcome to the Hogwarts Schools at the University of Johannesburg and Durban University of Technology.
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Grab shale gas opportunity, but avoid opportunism

Now that the election is over, the South African government ought to fast-track shale gas exploration licences, but resist the temptation to be too greedy and authoritarian. A field trip to Canada holds...
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Free markets as a moderate position

The misguided idea that free market advocates are on the side of big business is an endless frustration to me. Although they do not oppose business of any size in principle, free markets are usually not in the best interests of big business. They’d rather have protectionism. In that fact lies an important realisation.
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It’s about who you don’t vote for

I spent several columns in the last few weeks pondering who most deserves my vote, and why. Several parties have attractions, but none were an obvious fit for an advocate of individual liberty and free markets. I realised that it really is a Morton’s Fork – no matter who you vote for, they’re all power-hungry thieves. But there is a rational way out.
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Voting: there’s still time to change your mind

I was going to vote for the Democratic Alliance. Really, I was. Despite Julius Malema’s uncanny ability to be so usefully wrong about almost everything, I had a superb reason to do so: “Title Deeds For All”. But then, a few more of the DA’s senior members reminded me that the party is infested with elitists and fascists. What is the use of a mind if you can’t change it?
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Gerrit van Tonder dead at 61

It was with great sadness that I learnt from the University of the Free State earlier this afternoon that Professor Gerrit van Tonder, head of the Institute for Groundwater Studies, passed away last...
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Green tech is cool, but not because it’s green

Whenever you read about cool new technology, one of the main motivators is going “green”. It’s entirely the wrong reason to like technology, however.
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How Mmusi Maimane swindled a vote out of me

I promised I would vote for the first party that put this slogan on its posters. So, congratulations, petty-fascist welfare statists. You win. Please don’t spend my vote on expensive subsidy programmes, intrusive regulations or lawless police.
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