People died. Who cares?

Used to be, people complained that the news media were too fixated on death and disaster. “Chief,” the cub reporter would say, “there’s been a shootout at the mall.” “Anyone dead?” would come the reply. “Sir, there’s been a car accident.” — “Get any pictures of blood, corpses or solitary shoes?” “Hey boss, the church is on... read more

Healthcare rhetoric shot down

The Carpe Diem blog has an interesting table confirming an argument Greg Mankiw recently made in an op-ed in the New York Times. It is standard rhetorical fare on the left (and among foreigners who just love to find reasons to snipe at the US) to argue that private healthcare is worse than universal, socialised medicine, and the fact that raw life expectancy numbers in the US are lower than in more... read more

Facebook: the decline begins

The rot has begun. Scarcely has Microsoft bought its slice of Facebook (over which I left), than advertising is starting to appear. Right there in the news stream; a large, glaring advertisement. This is what it looks like: A few things are notable. Unlike the Facebook Flyers, which appear on the left-hand-side, very visible but without wasting space needed for the news stream, and unlike Google-style... read more