Beautiful steampunk case mod

Long, long ago, when the spike was little, and computers were still steam-driven and made of wood, I posted a selection of case mods that recall this elegant Victorian era of computing, or were otherwise notable for originality and craftmanship. I’d like to add one to that collection. Made by Ryan Sawyer (if I’m not mistaken), an illustrator of considerable skill, he posted a few pictures under... read more

Bullard’s mistake

Posting numbered updates to this story is getting tiresome, so here’s a new post, freshly baked. BizCommunity, which has been following the David Bullard affair comprehensively since it broke, has published well-known marketing writer Chris Moerdyk’s take on the issue. It is the clearest, most definitive analysis I have yet read. With one reservation, I agree with his comparison: Bullard... read more