Update: ZA Tech Show on Bullard

There are some good observations on the Bullard affair by the guys hosting ZA Tech Show — a fairly new, very informative, and at times highly entertaining South African podcast. The subject starts about 51:40 into the show, and it’s worth a visit, in particular for the apt discussion on the Streisand Effect. The only point I’d take issue with is the comparison of David Bullard with Darrel... read more

Let the Forum for Black Journalists be

I haven’t weighed in on the noise about the Forum for Black Journalists, whose racist admission policy was recently declared unconstitutional by the Human Rights Commission. Since the story broke days after my rant about white racists exploded into a raging inferno, I had been toying with the idea of using the FBJ issue to make a similar argument against black racists. But I admit, I was weak. I felt... read more