CAR | An Entirely Futile Tax

Last year, a new “green tax” was foisted upon South African motorists. It is levied on the sale price of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, at a rate of R75 per gram of CO2 it emits over the benchmark 120 grams per kilometre. A further levy is in the works, to be added to annual vehicle licence fees. read more

Daily Maverick | In defence of Bombela

The Gautrain operators have taken a great deal of flak over the lavish funding they received and the extraordinary revenue guarantees they enjoy. But would you be a good profit-seeking capitalist if you didn’t take free money from corrupt socialists, when it is lawfully on offer? via Daily Maverick – In defence of... read more

Under construction

I was taught never, ever, to use the words “under construction” on a website. Also, I ‘ve always believed that those words are almost never, ever, true. And indeed, they’re not technically true now, either. Having said that, I think I ought to give up my half-hearted attempt to keep this blog current. Because I now write several columns a week for which I get paid, blogging in the... read more