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Green tech is cool, but not because it’s green

Whenever you read about cool new technology, one of the main motivators is going “green”. It’s entirely the wrong reason to like technology, however. read more

The great Fix Ivo appeal

It hardly seems fair. I’ve given up drinking and smoking in the hope that my 40s would be moderately healthy, but this week, the inevitable happened: I ended up in hospital with a severe bout of illness. It started last week, and I’ve been in and out of hospital since last weekend, 6 April 2014. Every time I go home, thinking I’m well enough to cope, I crash again. Yesterday, I ate solids and slept... read more

How Mmusi Maimane swindled a vote out of me

I promised I would vote for the first party that put this slogan on its posters. So, congratulations, petty-fascist welfare statists. You win. Please don’t spend my vote on expensive subsidy programmes, intrusive regulations or lawless police. read more

Look ma, I’m defending Shell’s record in Nigeria!

It was always going to come to this. Last week, former cabinet minister Jay Naidoo wrote a scathing indictment of Shell's record in Nigeria, in the hope of convincing South Africans to oppose shale gas drilling in the Karoo. Here's why he's wrong. read more

The case to elect Malema to Parliament

I’ve argued that “agrarian reform”, as advocated by Julius Malema’s new party, evokes the millions of victims of Mao Tse-Tung and Pol Pot. I’ve argued that it is regressive and dangerous even if Malema turns out to be a wise and kindly leader, instead of a totalitarian tyrant. But here’s why he should be in Parliament. read more

The intellectual gnome, Chomsky

Not surprisingly, the name of Noam Chomsky surfaced in response to my recent reference to Pol Pot. Chomsky is an infamous skeptic of atrocities by anyone other than Western imperialists. Many younger polemicists of the left, like Michael Moore and Naomi Klein, emulate him. Are they “great intellectuals”, or intellectual frauds? Are they intellectual at all? read more

If Malema isn’t Pol Pot, is he still dangerous?

Even if Malema’s motives are pure as the driven snow, he’d still be dangerous. read more

Do Malema’s followers understand ‘agrarian reform’?

We know that Julius Malema does not understand economics. How can he, when he claims what he espouses is freedom? But the populist rhetoric is popular. It works. And since he's not alone on the far left, the people that respond to it ought to understand its true meaning. read more

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