Extreme Environment

Extreme Environment promises to provoke fresh – and spirited – debate about the modern environmental movement and the many ways in which environmentalism, media, economics, public policy and the politics of liberty intersect.

Starting with well-researched work questioning the claims of opponents to shale-gas drilling, or ‘fracking’, Ivo Vegter argues that public opinion and policy ought to be informed by accurate data and reasoned argument. Using a wide range of examples, from nuclear accidents and oil spills to food additives and agricultural chemicals, he demonstrates why we should be just as sceptical of the emotive exaggeration of environmentalists as we are of corporate spin.

Get your copy of Extreme Environment today or download chapter three for free.

“A much needed international voice on enviro-insanity. … Heed Vegter” — Amity Shlaes, Bloomberg

“… a breath of fresh air … clear without being condescending … he is afraid of nothing.” — Dominic Lawson, former editor, Sunday Telegraph

“Ivo Vegter dissects [the logic of environmentalists] with characteristic wit, verve and reason.” — Salil Tripathi, Wall Street Journal, Live Mint & India Today.

“Ivo exposes the [environmentalist] lies one by one, and calls for balance, a voice of reason in the wilderness.” — Hugh (Bob) Glenister

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